archOur tour begins with a view from the old living room (now dining room) (left). The stonework was done quite some time ago. This was taken BC (before carpet). (Please note: the archway is not crooked - the photographer is)

Since the bulk of the construction happened prior to Houdini's arrival (the bratty dog), RalphRalph was more than willing to lend a paw. He's shown to the right standing on the well house with the fine grit sand paper ready to do some finish work.

The same guy who did the stone work in the dining room did the stone work on the front of the house (below). And you can see the bratty dog sitting in the sand beneath the tree. Daryl still fronthas to lay a pathway to the downstairs door, but that isn't a high priority - as no one is living there currently.

To continue the tour click on one of the links (below). Please note that the pages may take some time to load as they are graphics intensive. Enjoy the tour.


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