Tree Start

A tree grows in Annie's room.

The idea started with an indoor garden. Gail sketched the trees (right) and put in some highlights. Then added the birch "bark". Then we put up the curtains using Velcro strips to create the swag "branches". The pattern of the curtains also have little pink butterflies that we beaded so they reflect the light.

See the transition from start to midpoint to finish.

Of course, no sky is complete without a few clouds. We used the Woolie faux painting tool to do these clouds (below).


We found this "English Garden" drape for the closet at Touch of Class. The light blue sky on the left side matches the light blue on the walls and the sky darkens in the drape on the right to complement the darker "night" sky on that half of the room.

closet drape

The baseboards are little "picket fences" (or the closest I could get) in white. Annie FINALLY has her carpet.

The overall effect is a garden from day (left) to night (below). The stars on the night side are dusted with glitter to actually sparkle. I repainted the built in dresser white to match all of the white trim.


annie's room

From across the room you would swear the trees are three dimensional (below right).

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