I've always wanted an armoire and I finally have one. Yes, there is a television hidden in there. You can sort of see the wall color behind the armoire (it's called Mulberry Wine). Better view of the wall color in bed picture below.

Of course, no bedroom is complete without a bed. We opted for the four poster (yes, the footboard has posts). The bedding came from JC Penney. It's hard to see, but there is a neck roll pillow.

Marble seems to be the theme of the remodel. This nightstand (left) has a gorgeous marble top and the shape (of all the pieces) is what drew me to them.

The dresser (above) actually had a mirror, but we opted not to get it. I'm not fond of mirrors in bedrooms. If you look closely you can see the trim around the windows, ceiling (see bed picture above) and baseboards all match.

We decided to get a white fan with a nightlight (for mood lighting).

The carpet (not pictured) has finally been installed. It is the same silver gray color as the living room.

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