Side view of house in 94Left is the side/back view of the house in 1994 (right after the flood). Right is the house as of March 2004. The post to the immediate right of the VUE (my new car) marks the old stairwell post (white post on the far left of the 1994 picture). Daryl still parks in the same place, but instead of the old LTD he now has an old Cadillac.

back view of house in 1994Left is the back view of the house in 1994 (right after the flood). The pile of debris was the garage. Below is the back view in back view of house 2004March 2004.

I am anxiously awaiting the completion of the driveway which is going to be a horseshoe (no more backing out).

The apartment entrance (stone on the left of the picture to the right) looks beautiful with all the stonework.

They actually started off with a lattice entry way (below left), but the low beams made it impossible to hang the door, so Daryl moved out the entry and enclosed it (below center). Once the stone was on it looked awesome (below right).

apt entry latticed apt entry during apt side view of house 2004


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