before kitchenIt began in darkness. Dark brown red brick, black dishwasher and dark cabinets. We had so little cabinet space most of my stuff stayed packed away downstairs or up on top of the cabinets where it couldn't be reached (also the dustiest place in the house). It started with Daryl wanting to simply refinish the cabinets with a honey oak, but when trying to hang the doors there were problems. before brickZach tried to help with the drawers, but let's just say I heard quite a few four letter words during that experiment. Since we needed to get new counter tops, new floors and new cabinets a complete remodel was called for. This became my anniversary, Christmas, birthday, Valentine's day and mother's day gift all rolled into one.

teardownteardownI really think Daryl had fun tearing down the old wall cabinets (left) and walls (right). Because we needed to have flat walls to start with, the brick had to come off. Ronnie and I used this as therapy - we whacked the crap out of that brick.

I was beginning to wonder if it would ever be clean again. It took only a couple of days for the tear down, but the installation hit a snag when one of the cabinets was damaged in shipping. It took a couple of weeks to get a replacement. Below left is Jonah placing the first wall cabinet. In the center is a view of the dishwasher in the new raised position. jonah puts up first cabinetThis is much during view dishwashernicer - you don't have to stoop during view pantryto do the dishes. On the right is a view of the pantry and the oven (at least the cabinet for the oven).

And finally below left is a view of the new peninsula that holds the range top and has the breakfast bar.


during view range



Would you like to see the finished kitchen? Click here - there were just too darn many pictures to fit on one page.

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