ceiling And then there was light. My favorite thing about the living room is how bright it is. The ceiling turned out great. Daryl's arms were numb from all that overhead sanding and I was ready to shoot him for all the dust he created but I guess it was worth it. The picture at the left is from before the hot tub room was added - you can actually see out to the pond unobstructed. Also this picture is BC (before carpet)

Below right is a close up of the trim around the door to the half bath.


day ceilingnight ceilingHere is the same view of the room after the hot tub room was added and most importantly AC (after carpet). On the left is the daytime view and on the right is the nighttime view. We still have to add the surround sound speakers and Daryl is coveting a flat panel tv.

The recliner that you see on the far right has a sweet origin. After my surgery (11/02) because I was unable to get up from the couch or bed, Daryl brought the recliner home as a surprise. Of course now that I'm fully recovered it is his domain!

day door night doorThese are the french doors that lead out to the deck (daytime on left - nighttime on right). Daryl laid the marble for this doorway and the one leading to the hot tub in the same shape as the archway (see main page). The walls are painted a very slight peach tint (it actually looks off-white) and the carpet is a silver gray. The same carpet color is in the master bedroom.

In the pictures below, you are not seeing double - there is only 1 set of french doors on this wall. I just couldn't fit both windows in 1 shot. These are the new sheers (copper) and curtains (jewel tone stripe) with matching pillow (viewable on the couch (below right). There is a valance for over the doorway, but it's not up yet. Also, the frames for the artwork are being done and should be up before the end of May.

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