beforeduringWhenever possible I have been trying to include before pictures so you get the full impact of the remodel. On the left is a picture of my office when it was a bedroom with yellow walls and creaky daybed. On the right is a picture from when the floors were first put in (by Jonah) and the lateral files and quarter round bookcases had arrived.

office from doorNow when you look in my office (left) from the door (off the kitchen) you see my desk under the window and the beautiful tongue-in-groove red cedar walls. I got the avignon mahogany desk at Bombay company (I love that store). Daryl put adjustable shelves deskabove the lateral files that are nice and deep so all my training manuals & reference books fit in. The corner shelf (right) will eventually hold a tv. Currently it holds our unity candle, my bridal bouquet and a very special bear (see close up below left).

bearThe bear in the center of the picture (left) was given to me by my dad when I saw him for the first time in 30-some years. She is a Boyd's bear named Auntie Lavonne Higgenthrope. My "bonus mom", Sue, is an avid collector of these adorable creatures. I got a burgundy velvet chair for her to sit in (it matches her ribbon and flower).

The roses were a gift from Daryl. He was trying to cheer me up after I had a rough week. They opened perfectly. They were absolutely luscious.

Daryl was certain I wouldn't be able to fill all of these bookshelves. I still have 2 storage bins downstairs filled with books. The office armoire (right) was such an interesting piece I just had to get it. It is mahogany and matches the design of my desk.

My computer wires are a mess right now, but eventually the CPU will go inside the left side of the armoire with the wires hidden in the back. The really nice thing about my desk (see above) is that there are only 2 wires on it (monitor cable and power). I love my wireless keyboard and mouse! The only problem is sometimes when I get up to answer the phone I am carrying the mouse with me and I end up putting it down somewhere in the house. It should have a homing beacon.


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